Rush Hour Daily


U.S. launches military strike against Syria
Assad regime launches chemical attack on Syrian civilians
UN workers’ bodies found in Congo
Officials begin Brexit negotiations
Former national security adviser will only speak about Russia if granted immunity
U.S. no longer requires privacy for internet users
Baltimore man charged for racism-fueled New York murder
Flint water scandal settled with State of Michigan for nearly $100 million
Climate change addressed in Trump’s new executive order

Thousands protest corruption in Russia, hundreds arrested

New vaccine can save lives of thousands in Africa

One killed, 14 injured at Cincinnati nightclub shooting

December North Dakota oil spill is worse than originally believed

U.S. gives asylum to controversial Singapore teen for freedom of speech

Trump’s healthcare plan falls through

Chicago police officer charged for teen’s 2014 death

Officials believe more than 200 migrants drown in Mediterranean
Chilean court convicts 33 for disappearance of political activists
Four killed, eight arrested in wake of British parliament attack
Family days Tennessee missing teen is in trouble

Infant mortality dhows dteep fecline overall

North Korea threatens missile significance

Kickboxing world champion faces 22 sexual assault charges
Another Conway to be appointed to Trump’s administration
Hezbollah causes Syria and Israel rare military exchange
Opioid prescriptions increase addiction, researchers find
Michael Flynn received payments from Russian entities
Painkillers greatly increase heart attack risk, researchers find
Be wary of new Gmail phishing attack
Trump proposes 2018 fiscal budget
Global warming is destroying Great Barrier Reef, researchers find
Trump’s 2005 taxes leaked
French presidential candidate charged with embezzlement

Marine officer under fire for nude photo scandal

Filmmaker finds Michael Brown innocent of robbery

Ethiopia landfill kills more than 60
Turkey and Netherlands tension escalates
Al-Qaeda affiliate claims Syria bombing
McCain weighs in on Trump’s wiretapping claim
Bus driver kills at least 38 in Haiti
Trump proposes national security funding cuts to pay for wall
Malaysians banned from leaving North Korea
WHO finds pollution is killing children
Mass grave found at Catholic orphanage
Locals suffer from chemical attack in Iraq
Male nurse caught video recording female patients
President Trump revises immigrant executive order
16 Texans found involved in $60M scheme
Only existing sample of metallic hydrogen goes missing
Drunk driver injures 28 people at Mardi Gras
White House accused of violating freedom of the press
Red X movement takes over social media
Trump rescinds equality measures for transgender tudents
More than 70 bodies found on Libya’s shore
TSA agents cause security breach at JFK airport

4 U.S. citizens killed in plane crash

Trump explains false Sweden claim

At least 34 killed in Somalia car bombing

Homeland security develops new deportation guideline
Scientists find early detection of autism is a possibility
Officials announce Mike Dubke as new White House communications director

Museum emphasizes art created by immigrants

Labor secretary nominee withdraws from consideration

Police search for murderers of Kim Jon Un’s brother

Advocates attempt banning child marriages in New York

Police find Jeffrey Sandusky sexually abused children

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns amid security controversy

140,000 residents forced to evacuate California homes

KKK leader Frank Ancona found dead near river

North Korea fires test missile

French officers claim their sexual assault is ‘accidental’

Yale University cuts ties to white supremacy

Britain drastically changes child refugee program

Trump states he honors ‘One China’ policy

Somalia’s election is “milestone of corruption”

Congress confirms Betsy DeVos as secretary of education

Space station airlock expected to connect in 2019

Yemen military strike failed original intention

Obamacare replacement isn’t coming anytime soon

Australia finds extensive child abuse by Catholic priests
Patriots make a comeback and score Super Bowl history
Sweden officials ban same-sex classrooms
Restoration of Trump’s Muslim ban denied
Poll finds voters don’t approve of Trump’s actions
Conway lies about Iraqi massacre to defend Muslim ban
Paris soldier opens fire on attacker
Biden creates Human Rights Foundation
Trump threatens UC Berkeley federal funding
Democrats’ votes dismissed at cabinet nominees meeting
Trump supports ‘nuclear option’ for Gorsuch nomination
United Nations holds emergency council meeting
Sally Yates’ firing brings memories of Saturday night massacre
Trump fires acting attorney general
Bannon promoted to National Security Council
FDA finds toxic substances in teething products
Russia decriminalizes domestic violence
U.S. loses soldier to raid on Al-Qaeda
Iran considers repercussions against U.S. Muslim ban

Refugee ban temporarily blocked by federal judge
Trump proposes import tax to pay for wall
Lesbianism listed as medical condition in North Carolina
Japan and U.S. may discuss free trade
Australians march in solidarity with aborigines
Trump suspends immigration from the Middle East
Head of Kaspersky Lab arrested for treason
U.S. denies claims of Syrian airstrike
Trump reinstates Mexico City policy to ban abortion
Official Made in Italy ‘pops up’ in New York City
Officials sue Trump for violating constitution
Trump bans participation in TPP and funding for pro-abortion organizations
Trump meets with first foreign leader since inauguration
Congress waits for Trump to solidify healthcare replacement
Riots emerge amidst President Trump’s inauguration
President Obama says ‘you made me a better man’
Former House Speaker sues sex abuse victim to get back his hush money
LGBT activists show Pence their ‘rights’ to dance
Earthquakes devastate Italy months after
 previous disaster

George and Barbara Bush recovering in hospital
Study finds eating disorders are rampant in middle-aged women

More than 50 killed due to Nigerian military ‘mistake’

‘Apprentice’ contestant sues Donald Trump for defamation

Obama commutes Chelsea Manning of 35-year sentence

Trump observes MLK Day by meeting King’s son

President-elect Trump promises all will have insurance

Samsung’s vice president faces prosecution

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