New York University Pavement Pieces


New Yorkers celebrate
Amazon backing out of LIC deal

Entwined in a four-foot-high pile of trash facing the Upper East Side sat a deformed delivery box with undeterminable stains, gaping holes, and an Amazon logo frowning at Long Island City.

As temps drop, NYC’s homeless
face chilling crisis

While New Yorkers scrambled to get indoors as single-digit temperatures sweep through Manhattan, the city’s homeless are forced to endure a chilling reality.


As Amazon moves in, New York’s
homeless forced to move on

Nestled between rising luxury apartments and the country’s largest public housing development lies the future home of Amazon’s new headquarters. For the low-income and homeless residents in Long Island City, the incoming business serves as a reminder of rampant gentrification and social injustice.

Explosive device at CNN leaves journalists feeling

At 9:30 a.m., a suspicious package was found in the mailroom of CNN’s headquarters at Columbus Circle in New York City. The package contained white powder and an explosive device that law enforcement said was virtually identical to similar devices which had been addressed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros.

Florida’s opioid crisis
forgotten in heated
governor’s race

As red and blue waves continue clashing in Florida in the race for the governor’s mansion this November, a hurricane of people in the general public are fighting for the lives of those battling a politically forgotten crisis.

Trauma and anger fuel some
women to fight against
Kavanaugh’s nomination

Nearly 30 years ago, a teenager was sexually assaulted and had her life changed forever as she left her high school’s halls with traumatic humiliation and guilt. While this is the story that remains only an allegation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, countless women share an eerily similar tale that they are forced to relive as they watch her alleged perpetrator seek a spot on the Supreme Court.

Muslim community wins
representation in state senate

As New York’s progressive population cheered for the results of the Sept. 13 primary election, the state’s Muslim community celebrated a different kind of victory. Robert Jackson became the first Muslim in New York’s history to win a district seat in the New York State Senate.

17 years later: The Brooklyn skyline 

With memories flooding lower Manhattan in the form of annual ceremonies and commemorative architecture, Brooklyn residents found their own solace in remembering Sept. 11 from a new perspective.