Immortal News


Active phone cooling feature announced by Chevy
Plague mutated from stomach bug, study finds
Blue eyes linked to alcohol dependence, study finds
Scientists ‘sniff out’ Autism with smell response diagnosis
Seahorse tail inspires new engineering technique
Changes occur in police response to mental illness
Front Porch Step sexting: Jake Mcelfresh slammed for alleged sexual misconduct
FDA approves life-changing drug for heart failure
Kansas City minimum wage increase excludes teens
Lubbock mayor raises more questions about town
Tinnitus treatment potential in electromagnetic pulses, study finds
Mitsubishi apologizes to U.S. prisoners of war for forced labor
Arctic fishing ban declared to prevent ecosystem destruction
Keenan Patton’s GoFundMe campaign successfully raises over $30K to remove keloids
Keezel: internet security device raises over $134K on Indiegogo
Nation says #JonVoyage to The Daily Show
New Jersey cracks down on driving while under the influence
Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon platform could lead to affordable drones
Seattle area dig unearths ancient stone tools
New HIV prevention pill shows promise
New medication reduces cardiovascular complications in diabetics
Carbon Dioxide neutralizing bacteria discovered by University of Florida researchers
New York announces $67.5 million will go to Alzheimer’s caregivers
U.S. gas prices drop to their lowest point since 2008
VTech hacked: 6.4 million children exposed
Syrian migrant crisis creates therapy advancements
NASA telescopes reveal faint galaxy from early universe
Gene therapy can rebuild immune systems, immunodeficiency research shows
Blue skies return to Beijing after extreme smog smothers city
Amazon buys new truck trailers to speed up delivery times

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