Wicked awesome

Boston is FANTASTIC. On top of all the major historical points, which I definitely recommend, there are some really beautiful streets and areas that have a unique charm you really can’t find anywhere else. For those visiting, don’t confine yourselves to the downtown area, although it’s hard not to, and rightfully so.

Check out some of these wicked awesome places (Yes, most of them are food joints):

  • Caffe Vittoria (Boston) Like a fine wine, this place only gets better with age. It was
    Hazelnut Cappuccino at Caffe Vittoria

    the first Italian caffe in Boston and they have the photos, heirlooms and recipes to prove it. A very vintage and familial atmosphere, having a cup of coffee and a pastry in Caffe Vittoria will be one of your favorite stops on your trip to Boston.

  • Mystic Coffee Roaster (Medford) Not only does this coffee shop have one of the best chai tea lattes around, but they grind and sell their own coffee. The prices are great, the treats are greater and the vibe is unbeatable.
  • Jacob Wirth Restaurant (Near Boston Cmoon) I’m not the biggest beer fan, but this place is a great German restaurant with a huge selection of food and drinks. The atmosphere itself is worth the trip — think German version of Buca Di Beppo with loads of photos and items along the walls.
  • Nagoya Sushi, Ramen, Chinese (Medford) If you like Chinese/Japanese food, you’ll love Nagoya. They make their ramen noodles from scratch and everything you order comes in huge portions. They have some of the best prices I’ve seen for truly great Chinese food, and their fried rice is hands-down the best.
  • Donuts With A Difference (Medford)  This place has won plenty of awards and for good reason. Unfortunately, we didn’t get there until later in the day, but despite that, we had an incredible experience. Located just across the street from Nagoya, this is the perfect breakfast/dessert/snack/anytime meal. As soon as you walk in you feel the ma and pa type vibe and it just makes it so much better.
  • Emerson College Barnes & Noble (Boston Common) Yes, it’s just a Barnes and Noble loaded with Emerson gear, BUT they have some great deals on books. I bought “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” for A DOLLAR. You seriously can’t beat that.
  • El Jefe’s Taqueria (Cambridge) You order like you’re at Chipotle, but you feel like you’re in an authentic Mexican restaurant. This place is simply amazing and for a pretty decent price you get a lot of food. I highly recommend getting some chips and queso (it’s amazing).
  • Newbury Comics (Cambridge)
  • Brookline Book Smith (Brookline) There is no doubt that this is
    Art gallery at Brookline Booksmith

    THE best bookstore I have ever been two. It’s two floors and has hundreds of new and used books and other knick-knacks that are all a great price and definitely unique. Make sure to check out their $1 book bins as they contain some classics and other books you never knew you needed.

  • Boston General Store (Brookline) Filled with vintage and antique-looking merchandise, this is one of the coolest stores you’ll explore in the Boston area. Everything is pretty expensive, but it’s all high-quality and definitely worth it.
  • The Freedom Trail (starts at Boston Common, ends at Bunker Hill)
  • Redbones BBQ (Davis Square)

The next travel destination is New Orleans. If you have any recommendations, leave a comment or send a message, and stay tuned to see what unique sites are must-sees on your future travels.

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