The Thing About Artists

Everyone knows an artist. He or she can be a friend, family member, the person who sits in the back of your class, or the person you follow on Twitter but never actually met. Whoever they are and however you know them, there is one thing you need to know.

Support them.

Painters, designers, and writers bleed through their work (sometimes literally, depending on the medium). It is not easy, particularly when you allow your vulnerability to shine through for everyone to see. You don’t have to understand an artist’s way of life, share his or her way of life, or even pick up on the particular emotion they put into a piece, but you do need to understand empathy.

All artists share one common trait–insurmountable empathy. They open hearts to allow others’ feeling become their vulnerability and change that into works of art. Those pieces of art deserve more than a viral presence or a showcase on one’s wall; they deserve admiration.

One of those great artists is someone whom I haven’t known long, but who has a contagious passion for life and equality. She presents it through her words, actions, and, of course, her art. She’s a great inspiration to those who know her, and if you don’t, here’s your chance. Take a sneak peek into her world at

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