Life of a Student Journalist

Take a sip of coffee.
Another sip of coffee.
Write a hell of a lot more.
Time for a hell of a lot more coffee.

Writing is no joke, especially when you want to thoroughly report on a story. It takes more patience than you could imagine, and the backspace and undo keys become your best friend (besides that that very durable coffee mug).

Being a student and a journalist is definitely not for those who tire quickly and cannot sit for long periods of time. The majority of my day is spent right here, staring at my computer screen, completing class discussions and coming up with questions for my next interview. It’s something that’s so fascinatingly tiring, yet simultaneously exhilarating, and surprisingly, is different every single day.

When your passion becomes your life, there is no amount of hard work that becomes too hard of work because every second of it is a challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally can’t wait to overcome.

This is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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