Because equality matters

In a few weeks, I’ll start my drive to Washington, D.C. to join some incredible family members at the Women’s March on Washington. For those who haven’t heard about this movement, I highly suggest looking it up because it’s truly incredible. Hundreds of thousands of us our gathering together to show that despite the new president and his cabinet, we will not stand for inequality and injustice.

The people Trump placed in his cabinet are notorious misogynists, racists, homophobic men who have the unfortunate track record of minimizing the importance of everyone who is not a white male. Trump’s presidency is a testament to the significance of rape culture, hate culture, and an overall demeaning culture that people have accepted far too easily. This is not now, nor will it ever be, OK.

So I’m going to go march. I’m going to chant. I’m going to get excited and angry and motivated to cause change, and so should everyone else who believes in equality because this march is not just for women, it’s for everyone.

To try and get some extra gas/food money for the trip (because let’s be real, I’m still a college student with basically no excess money) I made some designs on RedBubble for everyone to check out. If you like one and want to purchase one of the products–great! That’ll make me super happy. If not, that’s OK, too, because now you know to look up the Women’s March on Washington and (hopefully) get involved.




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