*NEWS* Woman suffers medical crisis during flight

A woman on board American Airways flight 1525 to Portland, Oregon experienced a medical emergency about an hour into the flight today.

At approximately 9:45 a.m., the woman suddenly became unresponsive to her husband when the passenger sitting next to her realized she needed help. The second passenger was a nurse who recognized that the woman had a low pulse and quickly got the flight attendant’s attention.

The attendants quickly found two doctors who were on board to assist. Crew members provided the doctors with a medical kit, oxygen tank and blankets to help with the care.

The doctors believe a combination of factors, including past breathing problems, contributed to the emergency.

The woman recovered shortly and spent the remainder of the flight lying down in the row of seats with her feet elevated. She was accompanied by her husband, who expressed much gratitude to the doctors, nurse, and crew members who were on board.

Flight attendants reacted to the crisis quickly and efficiently and other passengers assisted in whatever ways they could. American Airlines filed an incident report and the woman made a full recovery by the end of the flight.

No one involved was available for comment.

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