A Lesson on Judgment

We are all human. Yes, all of us.

That means that the feelings you have within your soul are the same exact feelings the person next to you has. Whether they are on display for the world to see or they are hidden from the universe, they still exist.

It doesn’t matter if you’re strangers sharing a bench, meeting for the first time, or the best of friends. All that matters is that you understand the concept of what it means to fulfill the purpose of human beings–to show compassion and live with love.
We are all doing our best to get through another day.
We are all attempting to jump over the hurdles that life puts on our tracks.
We are all trying to find a way to count our blessings in the morning so that we can remain positive.
We are all trying to live and not just be alive.

When you’re in a line with someone, say hello. If you hear someone sneeze, bless them. When you meet someone who doesn’t seem to be happy, do something to make them smile. You never know what someone else is going through, and if you choose to ignore their well-being, the universe will do the same to you.

Casting judgment on others is only an outward expression of casting judgment on yourself. When you want to understand your self-image, pay attention to how you treat others.

Love upon others begins with love for oneself.

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