An Individual’s Response to Society’s Expectation of Womanhood.

This post is in response to the article “Dear (possible) future husband

Dear People Whom I Have Not Met Yet,

I am going to start off by saying that I am not sorry.

I am not, even the slightest, sorry for my past. I am not sorry for not trusting everyone I come across. For not making anyone my idol. For constantly reading and scouring minds to become more knowledgeable. For putting my own happiness first, as you cannot save a drowning man if you cannot swim.

I am not sorry for my future mistakes, as they are what allow me to grow to be a better person. For refusing to submit to anyone, as I will not lower my standards to appease anyone else’s expectations. For letting my emotions drive me at times, as I am only human and emotions are meant to be felt, not ignored. For the lies I believed, as each of them taught me a lesson and created a deeper character within me.

I am, in no way, sorry for you. Everyone overcomes their own adversities. Everyone overcomes their own temptations. I am not sorry that some women choose to show off their bodies, for that is their decision and it doesn’t mean they are ‘asking for it’. I am not sorry for those who resort to substances to overcome their issues. The only thing I am sorry for is the fact that you don’t realize your own potential to succeed in life and that nobody has helped you with that acknowledgment.

Yeah, so…I’m not even close to being sorry, and there’s more. I’m not scared.

I’m not scared for the bad times that lie ahead, for the bad is what allows me to appreciate the good.
I’m not scared to not meet your expectations, for the only standards I need to live by are the ones I set up for my own happiness.
I’m not scared to be a bad wife or mom, because I am confident and my love knows no bounds.
I’m not scared for financial stresses, for they are what will help me to be stronger in the end.

I’m not sorry and I’m sure as hell not scared. Wanna know what I feel the most? I’m excited.

I’m excited to see where life takes me. To go on new adventures with hundreds of new people so that I may learn from their lives and they may learn from mine. I’m excited to only serve my desires and feed whatever it is that will make me happy. For dancing and singing with strangers at a festival in Europe. For the deep conversations I will have with the wise ones of various cultures. For the times that will test the faith I have in myself and my ability to accomplish my dreams (which will be accomplished no matter what).

I’m not sorry, I’m sure as hell not scared, and I’m really damn excited. World, I haven’t met all of you yet, but I will. Maybe in two months or in fifty years, but mark my word, I will meet you. I hope you see this letter and I hope that you are prepared for my craziness, passion for adventure, and lust for knowledge.

I will never submit to what society expects of me and I couldn’t be any happier about it, for I know that I am the one who creates my happiness. I am brave and wild at heart; I will make a difference; I will take chances and ask questions; and I will be fearless in the face of expectation and adversity.

All of these things encompass my existence and I will never apologize for them. I hope that you will love me for who I am and the way I am at peace with myself, but most of all, I hope you believe in yourself enough to say the same thing.

This is my time, just as this is yours.

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