Just a thought…

The wonderful opportunities presented to me throughout my life have always come about unexpectedly. Most recently, I met an inspiring group of people who have not only become the greatest mentors imaginable, but the greatest friends a person could hope for.

These are the people who not only lift me when I’m down, but push me forward when I am up. And I never realized how important this act truly was.

It is easy for friends to help you feel better when things are not going so well, but a true companion is the one who continually motivates you so that your next day is even better than your last.

When I graduated high school, I never thought I would become a successful journalist. When I entered college, I never imagined I would become an entrepreneur. Before the past month, I never imagined dreams could become reality. And now they have.

I am on my way to freedom. Freedom from negativity; freedom from expectations; and freedom from the financial shackles society has placed around my wrists.

I have come to learn that success is not measured by the degrees you obtain; it is measured by the belief that you have in yourself and those around you. It is the ability to lift yourself through lifting others.

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