Writing it out is part of the healing process

In the last article I wrote for Elite Daily, I confronted my depression.  This is something that has never been easy for me to do, and is still really hard to talk about, but writing that article made me realize something.

Writing it out actually helps let it out.

I’ve always loved to write as a way to express myself, but I never really thought about it as a coping mechanism. When you confront your problems head on, you not only come to understand that you have to be willing to help yourself, but you come to understand yourself in ways you didn’t before.

Trying to cope with life’s struggles, especially depression, is extremely frustrating and confusing. You become scared and it gets to a point where you really don’t know what to do, but as they say, “what does not kill you, makes you stronger”.

Times get hard, but people get tougher.

Hurt occurs, but stranger things happen.

Life is a struggle, but the struggle makes you stronger.

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